LingoAce Methodology

Better results with LingoAce unique teaching methodology

Here at LingoAce, we believe that students learn better through practice and uninhibited expression. This is why we’ve invented a unique LingoAce methodology that combines interactive, scientifically-proven learning strategies with the Four Essential Elements so students can both uncover unexpected fun and eventually succeed in learning the Mandarin Chinese language.

Strict adherence to the MOE syllabus

The LingoAce program adheres to the latest syllabus and exam formats by MOE (Ministry of Education). We regularly update our teachers on the education requirements in Singapore. As such, our teachers craft all LingoAce lesson plans and content based on the latest MOE syllabus. Students will not only have fun learning Mandarin and parents can also be rest assure that their child’s learning meets the examination requirements in Singapore.

Implementation of the 4 essential elements

1. Listening

Singapore’s English-speaking environment amplifies children’s difficulties in learning Mandarin.


But with our interactive classes, students can now hear the language as much as they see it – helping them grasp tone, expression, and develop understanding.

2. Speaking

Given students’ limited contact with Mandarin, it’s no wonder they struggle with proper pronunciation.


Thankfully, our classes incorporate speaking practise with real-time feedback, so students develop accurate pronunciation and gain confidence in their speaking abilities.

3. Reading

The thousands of characters to memorize makes Mandarin’s learning process tedious and off-putting.


To help ease the learning load, we formulated a unique technique that uncovers the logical system running through the Chinese language, so learning time is cut by as much as half!

4. Writing

Memorization, or passive reading, do not foster students’ ability to develop and express their thoughts


in a cohesive, structured manner – a primary aim of language learning. And so, to help students consolidate their grasp of the Mandarin vocabulary and structure, our classes incorporate writing practice.

A personalised structured learning experience

Personalized Learning Plan

Recognizing that every student has unique learning needs and aptitudes, every LingoAce journey begins with the creations of a customized learning plan based on a student’s needs, goals, and dreams.

Engaging Learning Experiences

Each interactive lesson incorporates engaging learning experiences, such as fun games and role-playing that empower students to think and develop their Mandarin language skills.

Immediate Feedback

Since all lessons are ‘live’, out highly-qualified tutors can provide immediate feedback to students when they’ve made a mistake – making learning more meaningful and efficient. 

Applied Learning

Our assignments elaborate on key concepts addressed in the lesson, increasing the likelihood of a student remembering and being able to apply those skills in a variety of situation in the future.

Progress Reports

In addition to allowing parents and students alike to review learning gaps that need to be addressed, periodic progress reports also serve as a communication link between tutors and parents.

Experience the LingoAce difference​

Many tuition learning centres pack their classes to the brim with 8+ students per tuition class, which makes it challenging to capture each child’s attention – what more track their progress? Determined to do better, we’ve designed all sessions here at LingoAce to be live, one-on-one online classes taught by specially-trained tutors aligned to the MOE syllabus who make every lesson enjoyable and yet productive. You’ll never find our winning combination of flexible, on-the-go learning, structured yet adaptable curriculums, and interactive methodology elsewhere.


  • Class Length
  • One-to-Four small classes
  • Homework & Study aids
  • Teacher Certifications
  • Teacher Mandarin Proficiency Tests
  • On-the-spot feedback and correction
  • Pace adapted your schedule
  • Class fit around your schedule
  • On-the-go learning
  • Scenario-based teaching models
  • Interactive, gamification integration
  • Progress Reports
  • Includes Chinese culture education
  • World-wide Student Community


  • 55 min


  • 1.5 - 2hrs
  • Limited


  • 25 min
  • Not Guaranteed

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