Student Experience

There’s nothing like the feeling of drawing your first Chinese character. That’s because when you study Mandarin, 5000 years of Chinese culture comes alive.

What is it like to be a LingoAce student?

At LingoAce, students’ unique learning needs and aptitudes are taken care of through personalized lesson plans that combine structural learning demands and fun elements – such as built-in-games, role-playing, and on-the-spot rewards.

To optimize students’ language absorption abilities, we cap each lesson at 55 minutes. Students are free to vocalize their doubts and receive immediate feedback during the lessons.

Ultimately, being a LingoAce student in Singapore means being given the environment to learn and grow to love the Chinese language – with the help of our passionate online tutors.

Enhance your mandarin knowledge with cultural understanding

Language and culture are inextricably intertwined; in fact, it is nearly impossible to fully grasp the Chinese language without first being familiar with Chinese culture. But given that more Singaporean families exclusively use English at home, students now get much less exposure to the Chinese culture – in turn making learning the language an arduous task.

And that’s why LingoAce incorporates Chinese culture into our programs. By integrating history, traditions, and Chinese life into our lessons, our students gain an invaluable opportunity to understand and grasp Mandarin at a deeper level.

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