5 reasons online tuition over traditional tuition centres

You are either for it or against it. Online tuition can sound daunting because of the wide variety of offerings and the limited knowledge and reviews available. Today we will be sharing with you the benefits of Online Classes in comparison to your regular tuition centres.

1. You decide when and where

Being online means not needing to rent out retail space and not limiting a centre to only a handful of teachers at a time. With over 3,000 experienced and qualified teachers at LingoAce, they can cover a wide range of schedules. You will be able to find at least two teachers that offer your preferred timeslot. The flexibility of choosing your schedule allows children more leeway to fit other things into their schedule.

2. Accessibility

You just need the bare minimum. One of the benefits of having your classes at home is how accessible it is. You don’t need to waste time and money travelling to the learning centre. All you need is an internet connection and a streaming device – laptops, iPads or desktops all work just fine. Furthermore, you save on purchasing the heavy and costly course materials that are bound to be used once or twice before you simply throw it away. Online Classes are the environmentally friendly choice. Most platforms load their full course curriculum into their data base and is saveable in PDF forma as well. For LingoAce, our homework and coursework are immediately uploaded into your child’s learning account when their lesson ends. You don’t have to worry about misplacing homework or your printer running out of ink.

3. Balance between structured and flexible learning

The thing about our teachers is that we prioritize on making learning fun. We want children to want to continue learning and the way to engage them is by introducing learning topics that interest them as well as provide educational value. Our courses strictly adhere to MOE’s latest syllabus, being digital means that any changes made to the current syllabus gets changed immediately.

4. Recorded Learnings for revision

The downside of attending a physical class is that if it is not taken down in notes, it is lost forever. This is not the case for LingoAce Classes. We have recorded playback of class, this means you can go back to review your classes anytime, any day! This is especially helpful for Primary 5 and 6 students who are preparing for the PSLE and need a refresher course on a particular topic. This beats having your private tutor come over and teach the exact same thing and your child to as the exact same questions.

5. Discipline & independence​

Discipline is crucial to online learning as compared to traditional tuition. The success of the student depends heavily on their commitment to the class and to revision. Taking an online lesson means having to prepare for class by yourself and setting up a regular schedule to complete the assigned homework and revise the work. This teaches children essential skills in time-management and self-discipline. These two skills are great to develop young and are beneficial to them in the future. While we encourage parents to let their children try out online lessons, it is important for children to fell comfortable and be able to adapt to the style of learning. Online learning is great for children who are self-motivated and capable of prioritizing tasks and giving themselves deadlines. Organization and planning are somewhat prerequisites in ensuring that your child performs successfully in the long run.

Going online has its on unique advantages. They also come with their own set of challenges. Let your child explore different mediums of learning and see what they enjoy most and which platform they are most comfortable in. After all, learning is supposed to be fun! Are there any that reasons that you think is more important? Let us know in the comments down below, or share them on our LingoAce Facebook page! 

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At LingoAce we are striving to bridge the gap between lack of connectivity through the screen by increasing our efforts in creating a course that is interactive and responsive to your child’s needs. However, as parents we understand the need to weigh between the pros and cons of online learning. While we offer the flexibility, accessibility and variety, one also needs to balance the needs and lifestyle of their child. 

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