3 simple trivia about Mulan that you can share with your child

Mulan opens to a strong theatrical Box Office in Singapore last weekend. To celebrate the release of the live-action of Mulan, let’s look at some fun facts from the original 1998 animated film and its representation of the Chinese culture. For those who have yet to watch Mulan, it tells the story of a fabled Chinese woman Hua Mulan, who impersonated a man to replace her father’s place after an imperial decree orders each household to send a man to join the army.


1. Chinese name Mulan

The Chinese name Mulan (木蘭) translates into magnolia. Hence, the flower appeared very frequently in the movie.

2. Geography area of the war in Mulan story

The war in the movie reflects the conflicts that had occurred in the past for a long time between Central China and Hun invaders along the northern borders. Now the area is what we know as the modern-day Mongolia.

3. Relationship between phoenix and emperor in Chinese culture

In the movie, Mulan’s father said: “Do you know why the phoenix sits on the right hand of the emperor? She is his guardian” Is a phoenix really the Chinese emperor’s guardian? In China, the phoenix is often associated with power and royal authority; a symbol of the empress and female members of the royal family whereas the dragons are used to represent the emperor.

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