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Instead of using ZOOM like other online course providers, we’ve developed our very own platform with the help of ‘Talk Cloud.’ In addition to being more reliable, our platform also provides an enhanced user experience as you can run it with Internet browsers, or with the LingoAce app, which is available for download on the iPad.

Yes, we do. Please fill in the form below, and our course advisor will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for a free trial lesson for your child.



Our online Chinese lessons are split into two formats: the 1-to-1 (1 teacher, 1 student) and the 1-to-4 (1 teacher, 4 students). Every lesson is 55-minute long, regardless of their formats. We currently charge S$42 and S$32 for every 1-to-1 lesson and 1-to-4 lesson, respectively. Feel free to contact your course advisor for more information on our running promotions. And if you don’t have a dedicated course advisor, please fill out the form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible to share more details about our lessons.


We have 1000+ teachers. Our teachers can be further categorized into three groups: teachers from China, teachers from Singapore (or MOE-trained teachers), and bilingual (Chinese and English) teachers from all over the world.

The number of 1-to-1 lessons is up to the discretion of the parent/child, in accordance with their schedule.


As for 1-to-4 lessons, they’re held twice weekly (8 per month). Each session lasts for 55 minutes.

We focus on hosting our lessons entirely online. With an online platform that we have specially developed with stability and safety in mind, we can bring you teachers from over 30 countries worldwide – giving students the ability to learn from the best without the limitations of distance and hassle of travel.

It refers to how we meticulously approach our curriculum, such that it is aligned with MOE syllabus and complementary to what students learn in school. This ensures that we do not repeat what students are already being taught in school. Instead, students gain the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge.


To be precise, we divide each chapter on MOE textbooks into two lessons. For the first lesson, we focus on helping the student understand the learning material at a deeper level. For the second lesson, we move forward by giving the student more room for practice and improvement. Our curriculum is focused on improving literacy.


More importantly, to help our students, we adopt many steps, including regular assessments, practice questions, coaching, homework and oral training.

We designed our curriculum based on MOE syllabus, so you can be sure that materials featured in school examinations are covered in our lessons. What’s more, we have even taken special care to help students better prepare for streaming and PSLE examinations.

We have a full range of curriculum that is specially targeted at students preparing for PSLE. The purpose of this is to help students make the final preparations for the examinations. You can find out more from your respective teacher.

You would typically receive feedback within 3 working days of the first lesson. To view it, proceed to the student's account on the platform. This feedback highlights the student's strengths and weaknesses in Chinese and how the teacher plans to approach teaching.

Subsequently, you would be receiving the teacher's feedback every 2 weeks, so you have a good understanding of your child's progress.

LingoAce’s unique online teaching methodology presents a new and improved way of learning and mastering the Chinese language. Traditional tuition centres make it almost impossible for parents to understand their child’s learning progress, as well as performance during lessons. Furthermore, a large number of students per class makes it challenging for even the best teachers to capture each child’s attention.


This is in stark contrast to the Chinese online classes held on LingoAce. Not only can parents view their child’s learning progress ‘live,’ but they can also replay recorded lessons however many times they wish, along with their children to revise the various concepts covered during class. Every lesson is tailored to the student’s specific needs, such that they’re able to progress lesson-on-lesson.


After-class assignments help elaborate on key concepts covered in the lesson, cementing a student’s knowledge of the course material. Engaging and fun–yet still highly educational and effective. Our teaching methodology ensures that every student will fall in love with (and ace) the Chinese language.

We accept both online payments like Credit Card, WeChat Pay, AliPay.

Kindly contact our customer service or the course consultant for the payment receipt.

For 1 on 1 fill up the referrer's user name on the referrer's option provided in the payment page.

You can check out our Refund Policy on our website under terms and condition. 

We accept SGD, USD, HKD.

Submit your homework easily!

  1. Click on the 'History' on the left menu after you log in. There will be a homework button.
  2. Click on "My Homework" tab and there would be a box with a plus sign.
  3. Click on the box to select the file to submit the homework. You can only select jpg or png files to submit homework.
  4. After selecting the file click on the submit my homework button.

  1. Click on the 'History' on the left menu after you log in. There will be a 'Homework' button.
  2. After clicking on the homework button there would be a 'My homework' tab
  3. Click on the tab and your homework will start downloading.

Due to system limitation at the moment you can only upload 1 file.


If you have more than 1 file, you may wish to contact our customer service for assistance or sent the homework directly to the teacher.

Make sure that you are using chrome and reload your browser.


If the issue persists, you may contact customer service, they will be able to send the homework to you via Whatsapp or email.