Small Online Chinese Class

We offer high-quality, twice-weekly classes with a duration of 55 minutes per class to boost learning efficiency. 1-to-4 small classes create better in-class interactivity compared to larger classes and also improves communication and coordination between students and teachers. Compared to offline, traditional tuition centres, 1-to-4 small classes are also more effective in tracking students’ in-class performance and can provide a more customized learning experience.

Class Packages

Package Options Special Offers
First Class
Additional Classes
$30 each (USD)
24 Classes
Bonus class added

A lifetime of opportunity begins with your free introductory class

Whether you already know some Chinese or are completely new to the language, we make it easy to start learning!

Create your complimentary LingoAce account

1. Create a username and password, or sign up with Google/Facebook


2. Answer a few simple questions about the student’s current Chinese proficiency level


3. Schedule a class at a time that is convenient with you with our course consultants


4. Show up on-time and be ready to learn and have fun!


*No obligation, no credit card information required.

Take our free
assessment test

1. Our 10-minute online assessment test will help determine the student’s current proficiency and learning level.


2. When complete, schedule an appointment with our Education Team to customize your learning program to the student’s goals.

Attend your first class

1. Use the online scheduler to select your teacher.


2. Schedule your class at a time that is convenient for you.


3. Show up on-time, ready to learn and have fun!

Your child deserves a conducive learning environment

Here’s how a typical lesson at LingoAce looks like:

One-on-four, real-time conducted online class that enables our teachers to give your child immediate feedback and guidance.

All classes involve the 4 Essential Elements of language learning: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, to facilitate your child’s mastery of the Chinese language.

Our teachers incorporate elements of role-playing and games during the lesson to keep learning fun and dynamic.

Why Parents and Children Love Us