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Chinese Language Learning Redesigned For Children Aged 4-15

2021 June Holiday Program

This June Holiday, LingoAce has designed a full range of specially curated short-term programs to keep your child engaged. From Cultural & Bridging class to Intensive Revision, explore our full range of holiday programmes and find the best fit for your child!

Traditional Methods of Teaching Chinese Are Outdated

Traditional Methods

  • –  Focus on repetitive dull practices
  • –  Excessive memorization
  • –  Boring lesson content and homework

Such practices lead our young learners to lose interest in the subject, which further worsens as the semester progresses. 

At LingoAce, we strive to stop this negative feedback loop. Based on years of experience and big data insights, we are committed to make Chinese language learning Authentic, Engaging and Effective by:

  • ►  Gamification
    • ●  Strong Appeal to Young Digital Natives
  • ►  Small Class Size (Max 4 Students)
    • ●  More Attentive Focus on Learners
  • ►  Teaching Curriculum Based Upon MOE’s Syllabus
    • ●  Highly Relevant to Content in School & Maximize Learning Retention
  • ►  Proprietary Software
    • ●  Ensure Every Component is Optimized for Learning
  • ►  Bite-Sized Learning Practices
    • ●  Facilitate Deep Learning & Prevent Overwhelm
  • ►  Live Classes
    • ●  Real-Time Feedback & Interaction

*Receive An Additional 3 Chinese Cultural Classes & 3 History Classes with Free Trial Sign Up. 

Experience Our LingoAce Difference Today

*Receive An Additional 3 Chinese Cultural Classes & 3 History Classes with Free Trial Sign Up. 

Who Are We?

LingoAce is a global edutech offering authentic, engaging, effective Chinese live online classes to global young learners aged 4 to 15.


Established since 2017, LingoAce’s in-house curriculum specialists, teachers and creative designers dedicate 7000+ hours to develop each program. To date, we have 70,000+ students and more than 2,000+ teachers.


In October 2020, LingoAce raised US$6 million in Series A+ funding from Sequoia Capital India and Shunwei Capital. This follows a Series A round of US$7 million also from Shunwei Capital in June 2020. This resulted in a total fundraise of US$13 million just for 2020.

Meet Our Experienced Teachers

Ms Peggy

10 years of experience as the Head of Mother Tongue Department. Believes that students should also be empowered to be in control of their own learning

Ms Lin Xiu

Master of Arts from NUS Graduate with an aim to help unique individual students to become life-long learners

Ms Suk Yi

Bachelor of Chinese Studies from NTU. Committed to creating a fun and engaging learning environment for students

Ms Ying Hua

Master of Education at NIE with 17 years of teaching experience. Cultivates students' interest and confidence towards Chinese learning

What Will You Receive From Our FREE Trial Class?

Language Proficiency Assessment

Understand Learner's Current Chinese Proficiency

Personalized Learning Plan

Tailor Lesson Difficulty For Targeted Progress in Oral, Reading, Writing & Comprehension.

55 Minutes Live Lesson

Immersive Learning Experience With Gamification To Maximize Learning

Progress Report After Lesson

Clear Overview Of Learner's Progress

*Receive An Additional 3 Chinese Cultural Classes & 3 History Classes with Free Trial Sign Up. 

Student Testimonials

Eliza Soh

PSLE 2020 Candidate

“I really liked LingoAce’s interactive games and teaching model which made learning Chinese much more fun! My teacher also helped to build my confidence towards Chinese and this was an important factor for me to achieve an A in my PSLE.”

Lucas Ng

PSLE 2020 Candidate

“LingoAce’s classes have allowed me to overcome the fear of answering questions in front of the class. My teacher was very encouraging and helped us prepare accurately for exam questions.”

Parents Testimonials

*Receive An Additional 3 Chinese Cultural Classes & 3 History Classes with Free Trial Sign Up. 

The LingoAce Experience

Interactive Live Classes

Saves precious time on commute for both child and parent

Proprietary Software

Developed from the ground up to incorporate various learning enhancing methodologies

Progress Report After Every Lesson

Clear overview of your child's progress. Address their strengths and weaknesses accordingly.

Classes Based on Updated MOE Syllabus

Peace of mind about keeping up with syllabus taught in school

Teaching Recordings Available After Class

Participate in child's progress and actively feedback to teachers at your convenience

Flexible Learning Schedule

Allows child to attend lessons even when you are too busy to fetch him/her to the centre

3 Dedicated Support Staff to Each Student

One course consultant, learning advisor and customer service officer will support in the form of learning advisory, feedback and progress with parents

Small Class Size (Max 4 Students)

More Attentive Focus on Learners

What to Expect After Signing Up For This Free Trial?

  1. 1. Assessment & Planning
    1. Our Course Consultant will get in touch to enquire about your child’s existing Chinese proficiency and goals, and your expectations as a parent.
    2. A personalized learning plan will then be developed with more information shared regarding the most suitable program and teacher
  2. 2. Attend the Trial Class
    1. A trial class will be booked based on your availability with guidance on IT-set up prior to the class
  3. 3. Completed the trial?
    1. Post-trial, our Teacher and Course Consultant will share a report with insights on your child’s strengths and areas to work on
    2. Here is where you may decide if LingoAce is the right choice. Remember that up to this point, there is no payment made yet!
  4. 4. Chosen to continue with LingoAce?
    1. Hooray! Here is when payment is made. After which, a service crew comprising of Course Consultant, Teacher, Learning Advisor and Tech Support will be dedicated to you to support your entire LingoAce journey. This includes arranging classes, sharing timetables and progress reports, and any further timely support that you may require.

*Receive An Additional 3 Chinese Cultural Classes & 3 History Classes with Free Trial Sign Up.